Jan 27, 2009

Review - Schar Shortbread Cookies

Schar shortbread cookies have no gluten, lactose, or preservatives. Each serving of four cookies has only 130 calories, five grams of fat, five grams of sugar, and 20mg of sodium.

These cookies are great! The taste and texture are like regular shortbread cookies. The shape is perfect for adding your favorite topping to the center of the cookie. I enjoyed them with strawberry preserves. I look forward to eating them next time with Kozy Shack chocolate pudding. Here is a quote from my daughter, "I like eating these cookies best plain, so I can enjoy the yummy taste".

There are seven servings in the bag. I purchased these at a local health food store, Roots Market, for $5.99. They can also be ordered online from several sites.


Erin Swing said...

I'm glad to hear they got your stamp of approval. Shcar does make some fine products. I can't wait to try them, and to see how they'll hold up for a pie crust.

Nick said...

Nice blog, we need more of them. Especially for the folks who have been recently diagnosed as Celiac.

I wish the information was available when I was diagnosed 17 years ago. My doctor knew very little...so I eventually went back on my regular diet and now suffer from major damage which is the result of this disease.

I will continue to check your blog and may send information (if that would be okay) which I have garnered over the years that you may want to use.
Take care...

marylandceliac said...

Sure - Feel free to send send me any information you would like. You can email me directly at kinjul@yahoo.com or post in the comments after any posting. If you would like to find gluten free resources in your city, check out the new gluten free city map, which I have a link for in "Celiac Links". Glad you like my blog!