Jan 9, 2009

Review - Cornito Noodles

Cornito pasta is egg, gluten and cholesterol free. It is also lactose, casein, and nut free. Cornito pasta is made from corn and potato and is vegan and lowfat. Each serving contains a significant amount of iron - 51% of the daily value. It also contains some calcium - 11% of the daily value.

Cornito noodles are delicious! They taste exactly like regular noodles! They have a good texture and do not stick together when cooked. The package recommends cooking for 6-10 minutes depending on the pasta type. I suggest 6-7 minutes for the noodles. Surprisingly, the taste and appearance is similar to pasta made from rice, not corn. My daughter said, "These are great - I want to eat them every week!".

Cornito pasta comes in six shapes - noodles, sea waves, elbow macaroni, rotini, rigatoni, and spaghetti. All shapes can be ordered from the Gluten-Free Trading Company for $2.79 each. Glutenfree.com sells three shapes - noodles, sea waves, and rotini for $3.19 each. I just ordered more noodles and some other shapes from the Gluten-Free Trading Company. I will put an update at the end of this post after I try some of the other shapes.

Update - Jan. 16, 2009 - We tried the Cornito elbow macaroni and spaghetti. They were great! Cornito pasta seems durable - there were no broken pieces before or after cooking. The spaghetti is packaged as four "nests" and is about half the size of typical spaghetti. The spaghetti did fully separate after lots of stirring while cooking. Cornito is made in Hungary and imported by the Gluten-Free Trading Company.

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