Oct 3, 2012

Celiac and Emeril: New Cookbook from Gluten-Free Daughters

Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse has two adult daughters who are gluten-free! Jilly has celiac disease and was diagnosed in 2004, while her sister Jessie was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity in 2001. The Lagasse girls have a brand new cookbook, The Gluten-Free Table: The Lagasse Girls Share Their Favorite Meals. Emeril wrote the forward to their book and makes gluten-free gumbo for his daughters.
Remember how exciting it was too see gluten-free episodes of Emeril Green in 2008? Now, we know why Emeril had a special interest in doing these shows. Is a gluten-free cooking show from the Lagasse girls coming soon?


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Christine Mackin said...

I had no idea this Cook Book existed or that Emeril Lagasse's daughters are gluten free! I think this is amazing find and I am going to pick up with book next time I have a chance. I feel as though this will give great publicity to the gluten free community.