Apr 15, 2010

New Gluten-Free and Healthy, Please!

I like seeing so many new gluten-free products being carried in stores. The breads, desserts, and snack foods look appealing, but we need more healthy choices. I think I speak for many gluten-free consumers when I say we don’t just want great tasting gluten-free products, we want them to be nutritious too!

I reviewed my share of brownies, cookies, and other not so healthy products to the point that I am truly not interested in reviewing another dessert item right now. Why did I stock up on gluten-free Passover desserts? Honestly, they were cheap and readily available, but I don’t need them!

Now, when companies go that extra mile to make their products also free of multiple allergens or when it is a unique gluten-free product, whether it is healthy or not, many consumers appreciate that. However, for the average gluten-free consumer, do we really need another gluten-free cookie?

Fortunately, some companies are listening and making healthy gluten-free products, but are those the ones we are seeing on store shelves and at affordable prices? For those companies considering new gluten-free products, please make them healthy. Make a product that is great, nutritious, and gluten-free, and then reach out to the gluten-free community to help convince stores to carry it. We have finally reached a time when gluten-free consumers can have high standards!

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Amy @ Yard to Fork said...

See, I don't put the onus on the processed food companies to make healthy foods -- inherently processed foods you buy rather than make aren't generally that good for you.

I've always seen celiac as further motivation to make all my food from scratch with whole foods. If you do that, there really isn't much you can't eat having celiac.