Jan 6, 2010

Top 10 Gluten-Free Brands

This list is based on my opinions as well as many positive reviews I read on other gluten-free blogs and on twitter. While people may disagree on the rankings, most people who eat gluten-free will agree that these brands make some great products.

1. Jules Gluten Free
2. Udi’s Gluten Free
3. Bob’s Red Mill
4. Kinnikinnick
5. Foods by George
6. Amy’s Kitchen
7. Glutino
8. Enjoy Life Foods
9. General Mills
10. Glutenfreeda

Honorable Mentions: Bell and Evans (best chicken tenders), San-J (cooking sauces), Nature’s Path (cereals and Envirokidz line), Schar, Tinkyada, Pamela’s Products, Van’s, and Gillians Foods

1 comment:

Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...

We all live to disagree.

Check my list on my blog -- it's clearly different, but it's because we like different things.

What I would have liked to know is WHY you picked who you picked?