Sep 16, 2009

My Article in Gluten-Free Living

The new issue of Gluten-Free Living magazine is packed with great information, including a very useful food testing guide. The article about testing food at home to see if it is really gluten-free enables readers to make an informed decision before purchasing the home test kits. The article on disaster planning is very interesting.

My last word article is on page 50. I wrote about how when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease, I explained it to my young daughter, addressed her concerns, and helped her to develop a positive attitude about the gluten-free diet. The issue also has information on a new children's book about celiac disease.

I highly encourage you to subscribe to Gluten-Free Living. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with celiac disease for years, you will learn things from every issue. I hear the next issue will be a very special one.

Gluten-Free Living is sold at select Whole Foods, Wegmans, Borders, and health food stores. You can keep up with all the latest information between the quarterly issues by following gfliving on twitter (where I met Amy Ratner, associate editor) and by reading the Gluten-Free Living blog.


Amy said...

We loved your Last Word about helping your daughter understand your gluten-free diet and lifestyle. We know it will be very helpful to other parents facing the same situation.
Thanks for recommending Gluten-Free Living to your blog readers!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. I just saw it in my final issue. Guess I'll re-subscribe so I can see my Twitter and blog friends' bylines. Too cool.

Linda said...

It seems my issues are always late arriving. I look forward to reading it.