May 2, 2009

Gluten Free Wishes

It is so exciting to hear about new gluten free products. Companies, like Starbucks and General Mills, are listening to consumers about their gluten free requests and turning dreams into realities. Restaurants and stores that are 100% gluten free exist and are popping up in new states. Gluten free products are being called a hot trend. How about a little market research of our own? What are your gluten free product wishes?

Here are some of my wishes:

Cheaper gluten free foods

Gluten free egg rolls and spring rolls at restaurants and in the freezer section at grocery stores

More mainstream gluten free Asian sauces

More gluten free frozen meals

Gluten free Rice Krispies - It would be so easy to remove the barley malt. Yes, there are several gluten free crispy rice cereals, but it just isn’t the same or as cheap as snap, crackle, and pop!

Gluten free Little Debbie or Hostess products made in a dedicated facility - Imagine the possibilities!

I thought my list would be longer. I am surprised that it turned out so short. This is a sign of how many great gluten free foods exist and how much they resemble their gluten counterparts. Of course, we all wish for more gluten free options at restaurants, gluten free sections in all stores, and gluten free cooking shows on television. A few months ago my list would have included gluten free crabcakes and fried shrimp, but thanks to Blue Horizon and Starfish, these will soon be in stores. Share your comments!


abetterjulie said...

I miss doughnuts! I would like a chain store of doughnuts, please.

Jay said...

Dunkin Donuts. I just want Dunkin Donuts to heal my pain.

Katrina said...

I want gluten free soft pretzels! I have had one since going gluten free. It was at a tiny bakery kiosk in Portland, OR called New Cascadia Traditional. Other than that, I just look and drool!

Monica said...

My GF wish is a yummy deep dish pizza. And an option to receive GF bread on the table when I visit a restaurant. I usually just have to sit and wait while everyone else chows down. It's not a big deal but it's awkward!